• Who am I?!

    15 Mar 2010 | Blog
  • “What is my purpose in life? What is my passion? Where do I go from here?”Sometimes, the best way to find a purpose in life is to go out there and take action, even if we don’t know what we are doing! This is my attempt at just that."

    Who am I?!

     A very evolved man, and a very spiritually connected to the universe type of man, sent me a message - that when i was born my "life tape" didn't get erased...

    My name is Angel and i am a 30 year old man, a son, a brother, a husband, a father, a dancer, an instructor, a choreographer, a frustrated musician, a music editor and a graphic artist.

    ...That man also told me that i had talents and didnt understand where they came from - so true -  i never learned how to play drums, i just picked up a set of drums sticks and started playing. He said they were past lives that were manifesting themselves in this one.  He was very clear that because my "tape" didn't get erased, the real me, who i'm suppose to be in this lifetime is getting drowned out by my past lives and that i need to to connect with my inner self to let my true self come out.

    That message came to me right before i turned thirty this past February, like a wake up call, as in i better do something before its too late. What do you do with that information? How do i connect with my inner self?  How does one with many talents suppose to choose only one, create a passion and turn it into a career?  or  am i suppose to bundle everything together into one?  Its not easy trying to figure out who you really are.  All this time i've been having to do bits and pieces of my talents throughout the day, the week, the month just so that i can feel accomplished and be able to make ends meet.

    So who am I?!  That is the task at hand and a road i've committed myself to take.  Lets see where i end up.