• We were born ready...

    18 Feb 2012 | Blog
  • We'll it's been a while since I posted anything, but, like my original post says, I've been on the road of looking within and finding out who I truly am. This past year sure did that to me! My first step was learning to let go of who I thought I was - as you can see in my recent post and the rest was my journey. So are we born ready to begin that journey that takes us down our own personal rabbit hole of questions and answers or no answers? I believe we are. Here is my reasoning: We are not what we think we are. As my friend Moises would say:

    Your are NOT what you see in the mirror
    You are NOT what others see in you
    You are NOT what you think you are
    You ARE that self that lies dormant in you
    You HAVE only a life time to discover it and wake it up.

    What do I mean, yes thoughts/consciousness creates reality, so essentially we are what we think, but what I mean is that we are not just this body and this mind that "controls" it. We are divine spiritual beings living a temporary human experience. If we are created in the image of God and God is everywhere, then that means that God is in us. Which has led me to understand that if there's a presence of God in me then that means I am a distinct portion of his essence which means I too have inside me that divine spark that makes things happen. So if God is everywhere and there is no place God is not then this includes you - What an awareness when you know that you carry God in you. So, once we connect to this understanding we regain the power of our source and we stop seeing ourselves as a separate entity from the miraculous power of God and begin to feel that oneness with everything. Affirm: I am a divine, precious soul. Once you believe in yourself and see your soul as divine and precious, you will automatically become a being who can create a miracle. (Daily Affirmations - Dr. Wayne Dyer)

    So are born ready? Yes! It is only through the illusion that is life and the thoughts and opinions of others that we believe we are not. Ready for what? Ready to continue with a journey that was paused by ego and limiting believes given to us by society; family and friends.

    "Men are disturbed not by the things that happen, but by the opinions of the things that happen" - Epictetus (55-135)

    Everything we think we are is largely credited to the experiences and testimonies of other people, from a source outside of ourselves. How often do we truly experience things for ourselves, instead we blindly follow what is being said simply because it is easier to do that than to question it and go out there and see if it's true or not. Funny thing about that is that we do that with the small things, for example, if a friend asks you to try a certain type of food that you believe you don't like but have never tried it - How do you know you don't like it? Probably because someone important in your upbringing led you to believe that it wasn't good or just heard from enough people that it wasn't good. Only if after you try it and you don't like it does it become your reality. 

    "Do not believe what you have heard. Do not believe in tradition because it is handed down many generations. Do not believe in anything that has been spoken of many times. Do not believe because the written statements come from some old sage. Do not believe in conjecture. Do not believe in authority or teachers or elders. But after careful observation an analysis, when it agrees with reason and it will benefit one and all, then accept it and live by it. - Buddha (563 B.C. - 483 B.C)  

    Conduct your own experiments; experience life through your eyes and no one else's and if after you've experimented for yourself you get to the same conclusions as what was being said, then great, believe it then and if you don't, that's great also, believe and live by your findings. So if we are born with a spark of divine power in us and is only by domestication and programming from others that we are led to believe otherwise, then is just a matter of reclaiming what we once intuitively knew. So are we ready? Yes, we were born ready. Ones journey to a better life full of positivity and awareness of self, without limits and blockages can start at any moment. One can say that someone may not be ready on the basis that due to their lack of ability to truly understand themselves because they have been raised to look externally for their answers instead of internally and maybe nothing life changing has happened to them yet so they can't change, then yes that is true - but that is still a belief that came from an outside source and a belief is just a thought that we have agreed to believe and live by; It can be changed by creating a new thought. Change comes from within and what can be more life changing than saying I want to change, no need to wait for pain and suffering to come your way. YES, that's how most change occurs, but only as a last resort because we weren't aware enough to listen and trust in our internal knowing because we had a really loud voice yelling in our heads called EGO telling you how to live and who you are. Which brings me to my last point:

    "I think therefore I am not, only when the mind is silent I am" - unknown