• Angel is a passionate inspirational speaker who inspires his audiences with his unique stories of overcoming adversity and achieving their goals in the face of adversity.  He shares incredible personal stories of success, failure, persistence, hard work, and the events that transformed his life.  

    "I'm very passionate about helping people create real breakthroughs in their lives; relationships, their emotions, their health, their careers, and their finances.  If I can inspire them to open up and to think about their issues from a new perspective, then maybe, just maybe they can begin the process of letting go of something that’s limiting; an unhappy childhood, a fear of failure, or a pattern of failed relationships. My hope is that by sharing my life and my experiences it will help someone to turn their personal conflict into personal growth and allow them to reach their potential so that they can do the things they were really meant to do and can be great at."

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