• Paths to Self Realization

    13 May 2015 | Blog
  • According to Roberto Assagioli, founder of psychosynthesis psychology, there are seven main paths of Spiritual or Transpersonal realization. The paths are not sharply divided; in fact, they often overlap.  Some people may follow two or three paths at the same time; this is because each of us have different ways or qualities manifesting in the different aspects or levels of our being. But all paths are directed to and lead to the same great goal - self realization or finding our true self; therefore, the more balanced you are, the greater the overlapping and the blending of the paths. Here is Path 1 of 7:

    "When we quit thinking primarily about ourselves and our own self-preservation, we undergo a truly heroic transformation of consciousness." -Joseph Campbell 

    This path leads to overcoming the most deeply rooted personal instinct, that of self-preservation, the attachment to one’s personality. It entails the giving up of the personal self, it might be called the way of self-sacrifice.  There are two ways to be able to tell that you are on this path.  One way, is to recognize within yourself the qualities of this path, the other is to recognize within yourself its distortions.

    The qualities of this path are:

    Power, Will, Courage, Leadership, Self-Reliance and Assertiveness

    The distortions of this path are:

    Competitiveness, Violence and Destruction, Critical, Rigid, Egotism and Stubbornness.  

    Do any of these sound like you?  Can you relate? If so, and you find yourself acting or behaving in this manner, then you might be following this path to self realization.