• Man.e.fold

    16 Mar 2010 | Blog
  • Who am I today?

    Today i am a grateful person, grateful to those around me and those that took the time to share with me their story.  I feel very lucky to be a part of that.  
    I received some great feedback yesterday from this, my first blogging experience; one came from my sister with a very deep perspective:  
    "This is a manifestation of a man within different elements, that is manifesting who he truly is by peeling back the layers using the arts as a medium"
    It was a great vision of what i am trying to do and it all came about because she asked why i titled it man.e.fold? Manifold means many and varied; having many features or forms; "manifold reasons"; "our manifold failings"; "manifold intelligence"; "the multiplex opportunities ... Synonyms:assorted, complex, copious, different, diverse, diversified, diversiform, multifarious, multifold, multiform, multiple, multiplied, multitudinous, multivarious, numerous, sundry, varied, various. My interpretation of that for this blog is Man (me) .e (electronic, email, etc) .fold, and when i thought about it all, my sister is right, that's exactly what this is - a manifestation of me with-in different elements, the manifolds of me.
    So now than i am on the road to finding myself, a task was given to me to by that man whom i will refer to as "the messenger": Find who you truly are through music.  For me to go to a Borders type of place and put on the headphones and find sounds that ignite something inside me. That whichever music i chose, use it to meditate and harness the light, that the energy of light will be the engine that will drive me to self-fulfillment and help me achieve all that i am meant to. 
    A very interesting fact came to me yesterday about "the messenger", now keep in mind that i don't know this man and he doesn't know me and that there are human connections in life that go beyond people you can physically see on a day to day basis. That there are universal connections between souls that do not have to know each other on a physical level. The fact was that connections are about creating movement and after the first message i received, it moved me to read, research, find resources of information to make myself knowledgeable of what was being said to me.  After i received this task, it moved me to create this blog and it moved others to open up and share a little bit of them with me. So as it is, connections inspire movement. 
    Well, my first task was given to me and that is exactly what i will do.  Listen to music and find something that moves me.