• Love: Emotion or State of Being?

    12 Oct 2012 | Blog
  • So I've been reading Eckhart Tolle's A new Earth and so far it has been amazing - just what I needed to be reading at this point of my journey. It completely breaks down the aspects of the EGO so that you can have a greater understanding of it. It has help me to understand the WHY? of Don Miguel Ruiz's Agreement of not taking things personal and the WHERE? the compassion Buddha spoke so much stems from. I had mentioned before that the EGO is the unobserved/untrained mind and how it is a bundle of misconceptions. 

    Eckhart Tolle continues to explain that it is not only your unobserved/untrained mind; which are the thoughts in your head pretending to be you, but it is also your unobserved emotions, which are the body's reaction to those thoughts. So, a person that has negative emotions its simply reacting to his/her dysfunctional thoughts on a daily basis. Negative emotions, are toxic to your body and prevents it from functioning with harmony and balance. Simply put, negative emotions = unhappiness. On the other hand, positive emotions strengthen and invigorate the body, which is why we must think happy thoughts so that the body can have positive reactions to them. BUT, yes there is a but, are those emotions ego-generated or do they come from deep with in your Being?

    Ego emotions are created in your mind, they are unstable and can change at any moment. More importantly, they contain within themselves their opposite.  For example, love quickly turns into hate the moment its no longer satisfying "you". Expectations turn into disappointment, praise/recognition turns into rejection, etc, etc. Understand this:  Emotions only exist within the realm of opposites - you cant have one without the other - it's their nature. Where you want to get to, are those deeper emotions that come from within you; which are not emotions at all but states of Being and have no opposite.

    Love as an emotion, is more like possession, addiction, want, control, fear. Love as a state of being, is patient, is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud...SOUND FAMILIAR???...its accepting, respectful and is not dependent on anyone else to love you first. States of being emanate from deep within you as the love, joy, peace that is you - your true nature.