• Letting go of who I think I am

    2 Oct 2016 | Blog
  • Going beyond the overwhelming wall of fears and worries comes up when change is upon us, what you'll realize that the wall is just an obstacle to pass through on our journey towards Self-realization.

    What are we?  This question came about because of a conversation I had with someone who recently lost a loved one.  We got to talking about death, what is it? What happens after we die?   I told her that it depended on what do you believe we are.  There are two perspectives:

    • that we are human beings looking for a spiritual awakening or,
    • that we are divine, eternal, spiritual beings dealing with a temporary human awakening

    Here lies our duality.  The life experience you are going to have depends entirely on which one of these two perspectives you choose to believe and live your life from.

    One of them, is the way of the EGO, the other,  is the way of the spirit.  One of them is the illusion, the other one is the truth.

    Do you remember the story of Moses and the people of Israel?  The people of Israel were in bondage to Egypt for 400 years.  Along comes Moses, sent by God and he freed them.  He took them out of bondage and into an arduous journey towards freedom.  It was all very uncertain for them because they didn't know where they were going.  What I find interesting about this story is that they started to complain about the journey they were on; some of them even wanted to go back. So I ask myself, is the journehy towards freedom tha much more difficult than 400 years of bondage and slavery?

    We can also interpret this story from one of those two perspectives, one being a story of human struggle and suffering and the other one of spiritual transformation.  Let's assume that it's a metaphor for individual spiritual growth and transformation.  In this story, Egypt represents the human ego, which btw, the EGO is the oldest slave master in history.  That means that any human aspect that has any control over us, is Egypt; it enslaves us.

    Assuming that we are living life from the perspective that we are divine, eternal, spiritual beings dealing with a temporary human awakening, then that means that our journey is a spiritual one.  The moment our journey becomes uncomfortable and challenging, when it becomes uncertain, the ego is going to complain, fight and resist it; it's going to want to return back to what it has known, to what it has grown used to - back to our own personal Egypt, just like the ppl of Israel did.  

    At times of stress and conflict, we revert back to our old habits. Why?  Because the ego wants to hold on, it needs something to hold on to, to know it exists and that it’s going to be safe and comfortable.  This goes back to our duality, because a part of us is constantly building walls of comfort and safety, and another part is trying to obliterate them; to free ourselves from them.

    That's exactly what transformation is - freedom.  It's liberation from the enslavement of our former selves.  It's the letting go of whatever we are holding on to, usually some aspect of ourselves that is controlling us, and we hold on to it because is keeping us safe and comfortable.  Because it's what we’ve grown used to.  Why do we hold on? Because letting go is painful.

    Here's what happens, we experience a LOSS (a change), life gets uncomfortable and challenging because we are experiencing UNCERTAINTY  (the unknown).  So our FEARS begin to appear and we start to RESIST our experience and that's when PAIN shows up.  But where do we experience pain? In our mind.  Because the pain is attached or directly tied to our belief (or our thoughts ) of how the current experience - which is currently changing - should be.  What IS, is conflicting with what we think it should be.

    So then what do we really have to let go of then?  The belief of how we think it should be.  It's outdated and no longer working for us anymore.  And so what really needs to change is our thoughts, our mindset; that's what is limiting us.  Because up to that point, our thoughts and our beliefs have been rooted in the illusion, not in truth.  That we are human beings in search of a Spiritual Awakening.

    Just Like the body is the vessel of our soul, so is the pain and the suffering we experience - it is the vessel for spiritual truths and transformation.  The experience we are having is simply just the vessel that brings us spiritual truths, which lead to transformation, or rather,  freedom or liberation from the enslavement of our former selves.  The conflict comes when we believe the current experience is the truth rather than believing that truth is within the message or the lesson the experience is trying to teach us. So in order to experience a spiritual transformation, I have to let go of who I think I am and what I think I know.  Let go of old thoughts and limiting beliefs.  My mind has to be renewed.

    As we begin to transform our lives and experience true fulfillment, we are going to be tested again and again.  And with each test, our ego injects doubt and we lose faith. That's why I say that a big part of the problem is in our Faith.  Faith means complete trust; beyond doubt, a knowing that things are happening just as they should and for your highest good.  Faith is trusting in the truth of who you are, and not the illusion.  I see this time and time again with my patients and clients, and even at times with myself; in the midst of what we're going thru, we lack faith.  We have the belief that all things are working together for good and that everything happens for a reason, but when it comes down to it,  we don't trust it, we doubt.  Because we are focusing on the circumstances, the illusion.  That's what creates the struggle and the conflict we are experiencing.  Because instead of accepting and allowing the change that is currently underway, we resist it.  We are not trusting that it is for our highest good - IT ALWAYS IS!!

    We are not seeing the truth, that the experiences we are perceiving as struggle, pain and suffering are just the hardships, challenges and tests we must face and pass through in life in order to rise to a higher level of being and to gain the joy and fulfillment associated with a true spiritual transformation.  If we break free of the chains of the ego, we achieve freedom.

    I'd like to leave you with the following affirmation:

    "All is well in my world.  Everything is working out for my highest good.  Out of this situation, only good will come.  I am safe."