• Human[BEING]

    30 Sep 2012 | Blog
  • In life, we get stuck in the roles given to us by our parents, society or the roles we give ourselves. We try so hard to be the best mom, dad, wife, husband, son, daughter, etc, and the list goes on and on; so much so that life is no longer about the relationships you could be building with any given person but whether or not you are measuring up to the role you think you are playing at that moment so much so that authenticity goes out the window. When you live this way, all that matters at any given moment with any given interaction is who you think you are, who you think they are and who you think they think you are. You end up doing whatever is required to achieve that role, that you miss the essential lesson[s] in the art of living.

    We are here to learn, grow and evolve as human beings, but the key to that, is to find the balance between human and being. You see, all those roles belong to the Human part of you and they are important, but its not enough to fulfill you and live a meaningful life - no matter how hard you try. To be fulfilled, one can't forget about the Being part - the light within you, your divine spiritual nature which just is and doesn't play any roles. Human & Being are not separate, they are interwoven. If all you think you are is what you see in the mirror, Human, then you will always be looking to fulfill any role you think you need to be to get a sense of self - to exist. Those roles are so dangerous because as you identify with them, they may lead you to believe you are bigger, better, stronger, know more or can do more that you your fellow humans which are actually your equal in every level except in your mind - we are all one. You will feel superior; thus, you make others feel inferior. You see, only from the state of Being - your divine spiritual nature - can you treat others with love in your relationships.

    "To love is to recognize yourself in another; and that's the love that unites us all".

    -- Inspired by Eckhart Tolle's  A New Earth.