• What do we enjoy about the work we do?

    There’s so much to love about uniting people in marriage. Really, what’s not to love?! One the best parts is the feedback we get from the couples, but we KNOW we’ve done well when the guests come up and say, “Wow, that ceremony matched the bride and groom to the ‘T’, are you all personal friends?”

    And we say, “We are now!”

    What is our typical process for working with a new customer?

    We like to have a complimentary phone or in person consultation to ensure that we are, in fact, the best fit for the couple. Angel and Audrie maintain a close working relationship with many professional officiants in the area and are always happy to refer out, when we feel the couple would be better served by a colleague.

    Once we establish a rapport, we provide the couple with various ceremony options, we listen to what is important to the couple, and then create a custom ceremony based on the couple’s needs and desired experience. Once the couple books, they will be provided a ceremony agreement and an invoice. We stay in touch and are available for guidance all the way up to the wedding date, and then we all live happily every after!

    What advice would we give a customer looking to hire a wedding officiant?

    Experience: You want to be able to view plenty of photos, video and reviews in multiple places to make sure the officiant has the quality you are seeking.

    Professionalism: This is a profession and not just a hobby, so the officiant you choose should be able to provide a contract that protects you as well as them.

    Openness: You want to make sure that the officiant is willing and able to incorporate the things that are important to you instead of imposing their traditions/beliefs on you.

    Emergency Backup Plan: A professional officiant will not cancel on you because something else came up, but there are rare occasions where emergencies happen. You want to make sure they have a plan in place to help provide a back up if that should occur and find out about their refund policy.

    Price: -An officiant who charges too low, likely does not do this professionally. They are usually undervaluing the service because they lack in ability and confidence, or weddings is just something they just do in their spare time. Couples often find themselves looking for someone else in the last minute because the cheap officiant cancelled.

    -An officiant who charges very high may be part of a large company who takes a huge commission from them. The officiant’s role is a really important part of the celebration and is worth paying a good rate for, but it is also a very personal service so you don’t want to be paying for a company’s overhead fees.