• Be your own Superman...

    22 Mar 2010 | Blog
  • Yes, superman, i know that this is a fictitious character in a Hollywood movie, but,  the message of the movie is what i am focusing on.  Plain and simple - What makes superman so SUPER?  The light of the yellow sun. The more yellow sun rays Superman absorbs the stronger he gets; in some instances he has been shown to enter the sun in order to increase his powers to their highest potentials.

    Learn to harness the light and energy of the sun to flow through you like fuel for a car
    If you think about this it makes sense, we are all light and energy and what better than the greatest source of that to fuel you up.  Our bodies are the vehicle of the soul, and the soul needs energy to be at optimum performance.

    This was part of the task that was given to me by "the messenger" and as i go through my journey to finding who i am, i realized things about the message.  

    I once read in an article about becoming more energized.  The author said that if everything is energy and it can invoke a reaction in us, and the sun is the biggest source of energy, then why not do like superman and use it to make super versions of ourselves. Versions that once we power up from the inside out, can do more, achieve more, create more, and become self-realized.  One thing that he mentions that i really believe in is about being present, being here, and living in the moment.  I've reached a great level of understanding of this by watching my daughter experience life on a day to day basis.  Her only concern is what she is doing at that moment, because to her the only time is now and she enjoys every second of it.  We, as adults, forget about this, because we become suffocated with responsibility, work, society and fitting in.  When the reality is that we already do fit in, on a soul level, we are all the same - ENERGY.  We got to accept what and who we are, physically and spiritually, to be able to grow and a big part to growth and self-realization is being present and here in everything we do; living in the moment. 

    Take this for what is worth, and let’s become the Supermans of our own lives and reach greater levels of ourselves.