• Angel is a San Antonio Life & Spiritual Coach, Meditation Teacher, Speaker and a Leadership facilitator. He has training in the art of Motivational Interviewing and Psychosynthesis Psychology. Angel is a catalyst for transformational change and helps you connect with the truth of who you are in order to live a happy, healthier and more successful life. Using an open-minded approach, we will affirm, reflect and summarize fundamental tools needed to achieve your desired change. You will learn to trust you Inner Guidance from false guidance and let go of the pieces of your life that no longer serve you, ultimately creating a life you love. As you identify and align with your values, you will feel vibrant, self-confident, clear and in the moment - living the life you were meant to live.

    Angel is a faculty speaker a The Connection SA and serves in their visionary committee to help them bring their vision and mission to live. He also serves in the steering committee of the Board of Directors of the Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis Psychology, where he has been an advocate for their NextGeneration initiative. He had the honor to be a keynote speaker at a Psychosynthesis Psychology conference in Vermont hosted by The Synthesis Center out of Massachusetts, (May 2016).

    Prior to becoming a coach, Angel graduated from UTSA with a B.A. in Electronic Media and Technical Communication and has spent over 10 years coaching students to reach their goal of Social dance. Angel is a lifetime student of the healing arts--including meditation, prayer, yoga, affirmations and visualization. With life experiences ranging from living in Puerto Rico and traveling to Latin America and Europe as a professional salsa dancer to being in the US Army as a Respiratory Therapist, Angel now brings his passion for growth and self-empowerment into his coaching.  Angel resides in San Antonio, TX, and is a proud active father of a beautiful 7 year old daughter and is most recently trained to be a spiritual director under the guidance and leadership of Rudi Harst from Celebration Circle. Angel's biggest accomplishment is his own life-- balanced, joyful and overflowing with Love and the daily magic of life.